Emergency Room Visits - The Most Common Causes

Emergency Room Visits: The Most Common Causes

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When they encounter a medical emergency, people typically visit the emergency room. An estimated 124 million people go to emergency departments every year. Patients at both emergency rooms and freestanding emergency centers may experience a variety of symptoms. In the US, 129.8 million people visit emergency rooms annually. This suggests that the number of persons seeking emergency medical attention is rising.

Emergency rooms are equipped to handle a wide range of medical problems, from small wounds to life-threatening diseases. Many people have suggested these lodgings, which accounts for the very affordable rates.

What Is An Emergency Room?

Patients treated in an emergency room at a hospital are those who have life-threatening conditions. In addition to saving lives, they provide emergency medical attention. If you’re really sick, they’ll send you to the hospital for admission. If you are not admitted after the initial therapy, you will be sent home to complete the course of treatment under the care of your own physician. Emergency rooms are designed to offer temporary, on-the-spot care.

Why People Go to the Emergency Room

Why People Go To Emergency Rooms?

Emergency rooms don’t take appointments and may have long wait times. It is significantly less comfortable than visiting your physician. You should go there only in dire situations where waiting would be dangerous. Let’s start by examining a disease that epitomizes the perceptions of emergency rooms. To find out more, read the page that follows.

Back Pain

Remarkably, emergency rooms are seeing an increasing number of patients with back discomfort. While some back pain sufferers experience gradually increasing soreness, someone may strain a back muscle or possibly injure one of the several spinal column bones as a result of an accident or wrong activity.

Medical experts explain that routine activities, poor lifting or twisting skills, or a lack of muscles that strengthen the spine can all cause back pain. However, this kind of pain could also be an indication of other health problems such kidney stones, arthritis, or a herniated disc. For this reason, it is worthwhile to look into back pain in elderly adults if it is not already chronic.

Skin Infections

When there is a break in the system, or a “chink in the armor,” as it were, the protective function of skin on our bodies is compromised. The body may react improperly to pus-filled abscesses and other skin illnesses, resulting in discomfort and other symptoms. Furthermore, skin illnesses are a pathway for bacteria that normally avoid entry into the body through the skin or immune system.

Fortunately, Mesquite ER doctors are licensed to diagnose and treat infections and skin conditions, as well as drain abscesses. Certain diseases might not require emergency care, but others might if they spread quickly or show drug resistance.


Dental issues certainly need to be addressed by ER physicians, even if they aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind when considering the ER. Toothaches still often result in trips to the emergency room, especially on the weekends or after dentist offices close.

Abscesses, or pus-filled pockets, either inside the teeth or in the gum tissue around them, are a common presentation for patients. Doctors in emergency rooms remove abscesses and, if medication is available, provide painkillers.

Urgent care may be less expensive than emergency care, depending on the prices. For non-life-threatening medical conditions, an urgent care center often opens later and costs less than a doctor’s office.

Sprains & Broken Bones

Anyone can sustain a sprain or break a bone, regardless of age or health. Sprains result from fully ripped or excessively strained ligaments attached to bodily joints. These injuries can result from twisting a body part during activity or movement; they sometimes coexist with shattered bones.

However, not all sprains require ER care. Most may be directed to urgent care centers, where physicians possess equivalent qualifications to treat patients and can use X-ray machines to rule out fractures or broken bones.

On the other hand, emergency care is more frequently required for shattered bones, especially if they potentially endanger the body’s other systems. For instance, a fractured rib from a car accident could pierce vital organs in the chest; yet, a broken toe would not be as serious and is more of an urgent care scenario.

Stroke Symptoms

Stroke is one such condition that needs to be treated right away. This could potentially save lives. Stroke symptoms are common in adults and account for a significant portion of ER visits. An interruption in part of the blood supply to the brain results in a stroke. Severe brain damage or, in extreme cases, even death could come from this.

Among the many signs of a stroke are:

  • Perplexity
  • Having trouble speaking
  • Unsteadiness or fainting
  • Experiencing weakening in one facet or body part
  • Having trouble understanding speech
  • Eyesight loss or blurriness

If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to get to the nearest emergency room right away.

Chest Pain

Never ignore any kind of pain, as it could seem like a small problem but could develop into a bigger one. If you experience pressure or chest pain there, you should seek medical assistance right once. Chest pain may have set off a false alert, leading to indigestion. Nevertheless, you cannot completely rule out that possibility until you have done sufficient testing.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is performed by qualified medical professionals and nurses to rule out serious heart problems. Anyone experiencing symptoms including shortness of breath, dizziness, heartburn, or pain in the arms should go to the emergency room as soon as possible.


It is not surprising that accidents are classified as emergencies. This covers injuries ranging from a broken limb sustained in a car accident to a sprained ankle. Certain athletes who get any form of injury or concussion while competing are referred to the emergency department.

247 Emergency Room in Mesquite, TX

24/7 Emergency Room in Mesquite, TX

We offer round-the-clock service in our modern emergency care center. Our employees handle patients in accordance with standard protocol. At the Mesquite Emergency Room (erofmesquite), we react to life-threatening circumstances quickly. Your emergency or concern is our first priority! The Mesquite 24-Hour Emergency Room is your go-to Mesquite emergency room for timely, dependable care. Please give us a call right away.


Emergency department services used to be very expensive, but they are now fairly priced. The emergency rooms are conveniently positioned and constructed for ease of access. These hospitals will appropriately manage your problems and provide top-notch American healthcare.


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