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How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Custom Packaging Design

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You need to bring about and transfigure a healthy segment of quality which leads to paying customers to flourish your business. You also need to precisely measure this expansion, which will require tracking specific benchmark over an extended period. Even if you are just establishing a business and making a business plan, you will need project-specific essential standards. Potential capitalists and lenders will evaluate your protuberances, while deciding whether your business is likely to succeed or fail. Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV, is one of the most important metrics for all visionary businesses. Increasing CLV should be one of your rudimentary business objectives.

Customer Lifetime Value:

Customer lifetime value is how much a customer is significant for a business over their inveterate relationship. The easiest way to estimate customer lifetime value is to multiply the average customer order by the average number of purchases per year, multiply this number by the average withholding time in years, and subtract the customer attainment cost. Understanding LTV is peremptory; without this knowledge, you cannot determine whether marketing value is worthy.

Here are some tactics, you can implement to increase CLV and maintain it at the top, eventually helping you expand and develop.

Proffer worthy customer support:

Excellent customer support should be a crucial part of your brand policy. 90% of customers consider the quality of a company’s customer support a vital factor in deciding whether they will opt to do business with the company. Thus, by providing quality support, you can increase CLV and advance customer acquisition. At the same time, you will be holding a more momentous portion of your leads and clients.

You will make yourself even extravagant by letting your leads and clients to swap between channels easily without repeating the same complaint to a different service rep. You can do this by assigning a case to a specific representative, which is more time-incentive if the representative is popular. Or, you can gather all customer communication on a single dashboard where everyone can easily access it.

Modify your product features

There are numerous ways to expand a business, including mellowing a single product that solves a problem extremely well or devising solutions for many interrelated pain points. You may want to modify your product features if you manage a periodic business only in demand at a certain time of year (tax season).

Offer “The custom boxes” in different sizes and shapes, e.g. custom mailer boxes printed custom boxes, cardboard custom boxes, custom mailer boxes, custom wholesale packaging, etc.

Make Customers Realize What Life was Like without Your Special Product:

Customers apathetic to your product’s value could easily forget, what life was like before they got it. They could easily dodge themselves into thinking that they could go back to the days, before you made their lives better.

One of the most potent ways of doing this is to make a realistic, particularized image of what your product does for them. Show your customers accurately how to do by hand what your product does for them. Provide them everything they need to know, if they will recall what your product does for them.

Offer an excellent onboarding experience:

One more way to spread knowledge and assure your customers make the most of their subscriptions, is to onboard them well. If a customer has a bad first experience with your product (especially if it’s a free trial), they probably will no longer stay a paying customer.

When onboarding a new customer, make sure you are there to help them. Do not stop offering free demos, setups, and feedback calls. Offer a detailed graph on using the instrument and make other valuable information easily accessible.

Create an Ex-situ Community:

Community-building is an advancing popular tactic for most businesses, especially for SaaS (software as a service) businesses.

The main purpose of this type of community is to foster an environment where your customers (who also happen to share some of the same interests) can share tips and experiences. They will use this space to learn more about the accurate way to use your product, exchange ideas, and be curious about various related topics.

Custom Packaging Design differentiates Your Business from Competitors:

Custom packaging design can be the best way to differentiate your business from the competition. Custom packaging can make your product more eye-catching, which can assist it stand out on store shelves and cast an everlasting impression on customers. When well designed, custom packaging can also be economical and eco-friendly.

Custom packaging makes your products look more appealing:

There is no doubt, that custom packaging design can make your products look more attractive. But what are the benefits of going the extra mile with custom packaging design, and is it worth the added expense?

Here is the simple example. Imagine you are trading a new line of organic cosmetics. You could use standard packaging, or you could have your products packaged in nice-looking, eco-friendly boxes made from recycled materials. Which option is going to create a better first impression with potential customers?

It’s obvious that the second option is going to be more eye-catching and send a signal that your brand is environmentally conscious. Even if the price point is the same, customers are likely to perceive your products as being higher quality when they’re packaged in custom boxes.

Custom packaging Design Increases the Perceived Value of Your Products:

There’s no doubt that custom packaging can make your products look more worth buying and professional. But how much does it actually impact perceived value? In a study conducted by Point of Commerce, it was found that 74% of respondents said that they would be willing to pay more for a product if it came in good packaging. And 18% said they would actually be willing to pay even more. So if you are selling products, whether it is online or in a store, fixing up your packaging could be a great way to boost sales. Just make sure that the quality of your product lives up to the sway of your stylish new packaging.

Increasing your customer lifetime value can be an enduring mission. However, with the help of these tips, you should be able to start making improvement soon. Do not forget, what works for one business will not work for another. So, always consider your resources and goals before employing any tactic, no matter how profitable it may sound. Make your business grow with The Custom Boxes and stand out in the market.


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